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Ignore this message that comes in WhatsApp, otherwise you will be harmed

WhatsApp scam: WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in the world. Its users are in the millions. Cybercriminals also take advantage of this instant messaging app to pop up people’s bank accounts. Once again scammers are running a new scam on this platform. In this scam, perpetrators are stealing your personal details and banking details. Learn how this game is going and what you need to do.

Fraud is happening this way

Rediroff.ru is this new scam running on WhatsApp. Cybercriminals are targeting people by pretending to win expensive gifts in the New Year. Before that the link is being sent on WhatsApp. When you click that link, a new web page opens. It is written on this page that you have the opportunity to participate in the survey and win millions of gifts. After answering all the questions you will be taken to the new webpage. Here you will be asked to enter your name, address, birth date proof and bank details.

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Access the bank account by taking personal details

Through the personal information you enter, thugs easily access your bank account or sell your data and information or use it themselves. After this, the era of theft in your bank account begins.

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Keep these things in mind

If you are using WhatsApp you need to be very careful. This way you can be safe.

  • If you get a message on WhatsApp to win such a prize from a stranger, understand that they are thugs. Ignore such messages.
  • Do not click any link given in the message. Remote app downloaders are likely to blow up your money.
  • If there is any link in the message on WhatsApp, check it carefully. If the URL in the message is written as ru, immediately block that message and sender (how to block the message in Whatsapp).

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