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If your smartphone is lost, track it this way and learn this simple trick

How To Track Smartphone: Many times our smart phone will fall somewhere or the phone will be stolen. When a smartphone is stolen or lost, we face many problems, because nowadays all our work is done through smart phones. In addition to everything from our personal photos to contacts on mobile. In such a situation, if the phone is lost somewhere, then how to find it, today we will tell you about it. Learn how to find out about a stolen phone.

How to get a lost smartphone
If the phone is lost or stolen, you can locate it via the mobile phone’s IMEI number. The phone can be easily tracked with the help of the IMEI number. To track the phone, you need to download the IMEI Phone Tracker App available in the Google Play Store. You can track your phone with the help of this app.

IMEI number is important
IMEI’s full form is the International Mobile Equipment Identity. This is a 15 digit number, which is the phone’s identity certificate. No one can change the IMEI number. This number should be noted.

How to check IMEI number
If you want to find the phone’s IMEI number, it appears in your mobile box. The IMEI number is written on the bar code printed on the phone box. This number is written at the top of the box for many smartphones.

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