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If your iPhone is real or fake, you can know it this way

IPhone Tips: Apple’s iPhone occupies a different position in the smartphone market. People also take this phone as a status symbol. Because of the unique features, its price is also high. When it comes to cashing in on the brand’s popularity, some pundits also get active and copy it and start selling at the best discounts on the market. Look at the low price, people buy an iPhone like that without checking the quality. Here we are going to tell you some tricks so that you can find out if the phone you are taking is real iPhone or fake.

1. Check by IMEI number

When you buy an iPhone, first check its IMEI number. First look at the IMEI number given in the phone’s box. Now go to Apple’s website https://checkcoverage.apple.com/in/en. Enter the IMEI number given in the phone box by clicking on the IMEI number option here. If you don’t get any details, understand that the phone in your hand is fake.

2. Look carefully at the phone’s interface

When you go to sign in to the phone, watch this process carefully. If you ask for information about Google or any other account at this time, understand that the phone is not a real iPhone. Also, if the phone looks like an Android version or an Android, the phone will prove to be fake.

3. Loosen the pentaleb screw carefully

Carefully inspect the Pentalab screw of the phone you purchased. In fact Apple uses Pentalab screws near the lighting port. In addition, the original iPhone must have 5 grooves on the head of the screw. If the number of grooves is less than this, it is a fake iPhone.

4. Viewing the version of the phone

You have another great option for identifying a real duplicate. You go to the settings of that phone. Click on the option about the phone here. Here you should see which version of the phone you have on hand. If it makes any difference, understand that the phone is fake.

5. Check the display bezel

You can also know that the iPhone is real and fake by looking at the display bezel. However, the phone’s model should be iPhone X with the latest model. Here you will see the bezel carefully. If the bottom doesn’t have a uniform bezel, your iPhone is fake. The edge of the fake iPhone is thicker.

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