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If you only want to see the content of your choice on Instagram, you need to make this setting

Instagram Tricks: Instagram is a photo sharing app that allows users to share photos or videos. It is the most popular app. Its popularity is very high, especially among young people. Instagram users spend most of their time on its Explore page. All kinds of content can be found on the Explore page. Often, such videos or photos appear on your Explore page that you don’t like. You can reset or customize the Explore page if you wish.

If you only want to see content of your choice on the Explore page, you must reset the Explore page. You can customize it. Learn its entire process: –

  • Go to Android or iOS and clear your search history.
  • Now Instagram shows you what content you’re looking for or a fresh page you like.
  • After this go to your profile section and click on the hamburger menu in the top right corner.
  • After that click on the setting option and go to the security option in the list given here.
  • You get the Search History option in the Data and History list.
  • After clicking on the search history, you will see the Clear All button on the new page.
  • When you click Clear All, you’ll see a pop-up. There you have to click on Clear All.
  • After this the search history is cleared and the Instagram page is reset again.
  • Now if you do any new search, only that thing is visible.

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