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If you have this mobile app phone you can drive without paper and there is no challan tension

mParivahan Application: When driving, you need to get out of the house with necessary documents such as driving license and RC. Still, sometimes we don’t carry both documents with us for fear of losing them in a hurry. Fear of cutting the challan without these papers if the police get in the way. But you can avoid challan even if you are not with them. After being put on the phone, we are telling you about such an application that you are not afraid of challan. Let’s see what that app is and how we can get it started.

mParivahan application removes stress

This app will take you away from the stress of invoicing. This application was launched by the Ministry of Road Transport and National Highways, Government of India. In this, you get the advantage of virtually producing and managing POC, RC, DL. You can show virtual documents when the police stop. This is valid. This way you avoid invoicing.

Download this way

  • You can download this app from both the Play Store and Apple Store.
  • After downloading the mParivahan app, you must sign up for it. Enter your mobile number for this.
  • Once the mobile number is OTP, the signup process is completed.
  • After that you have to login to it. After logging in, you’ll see a selection of Virtual DL, RC and other documents on the app’s homepage.
  • Upload the documents here and keep them or, if necessary, upload them and show them to the police. This way you avoid invoicing.

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