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If you are confused about choosing a new laptop, follow these 5 tips

Laptop Buying Tips: Buying a laptop is not as easy as you think. In fact, if you don’t pay attention to certain things, you may even suffer a loss. Today we are telling you what to consider when buying a laptop.

Management Budget

  • Before buying, determine the budget of the laptop in advance.
  • There are many different types of laptops available in the market. Because of this it is much more difficult to choose the best laptop for you.
  • So decide beforehand how much money you want to spend on a laptop.

Processor, RAM and Battery

  • Processor and RAM are very important for any laptop.
  • The Intel i3, Itel i5 or Intel i7 processor is fine if you want to do the normal work of the laptop.
  • The best option is to choose a laptop with 4GB of RAM.
  • The battery in most laptops is lithium ion. This battery offers a long backup time.
  • A laptop with more mAh battery should be purchased. In this you get a long battery backup.


  • Be sure to pay attention to the screen size.
  • Some people like the home screen, others like the smaller screen
  • Select the screen of your laptop.
  • 5 or 15 inch screen-sized laptops sell more.


  • There are usually 2 to 3 USB Type-C ports available on laptops.
  • Buying a laptop with these USB ports is a lucrative business because they are universal.
  • With these, you can easily connect your Type-C port phone to a laptop.

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