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If the message received on WhatsApp is fake or real, mark it this way

WhatsApp Tips: In the Internet age, the flood of information is found on every social media platform. But there is also a significant number of fake information in this information. WhatsApp is no exception. Millions of users are connected to WhatsApp. It is shared every day, from millions of photos, videos to text messages.

For many, they forward such a video, message as fake. Many times it has gone viral on other social media, including WhatsApp, after seeing a fake video or fake photo. So today we are going to give you some important tips. These tips will help you identify fake news on your WhatsApp.

  • Keep in mind that most fake news is transmitted through edited photos and videos.
  • So if any video or photo related to an event is found on WhatsApp, definitely check its credibility.
  • Get help from the internet to check the authenticity of any news.
  • Even if solid information is not available on the internet, you can talk to some people about it. By doing this you will be able to know whether the news on WhatsApp is true or fake.

Do this if you have a forwarded message

  • If you receive a forwarded message on WhatsApp, the first thing you need to do is check the facts of this message.
  • If you have any news, find it on Google.
  • You can also check by visiting PIB’s official Twitter account.
  • PIB does a fact check of news that is going viral on social media.

Different messages

  • If you get any message that might be wrong with words, be careful. Such messages are fake.
  • Do not forward these messages even after forgetting.

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