IAS success story: UPSC tops the first attempt without coaching, Chandrajothi Singh

Success Story of IAS Topper Chandrajothi Singh: Each student has different perceptions regarding UPSC exam preparation. While many students consider training important, some consider self-study to be very important. Today we are going to tell you the story of such a candidate who achieved success based on self study without any coaching. His name is Chandrajothi Singh. The 22-year-old Chandrajothi topped the UPSC exam in 2019, ranking 28th. This is his first attempt. Both his parents were in the army. Because of that, she lives in different cities.

Prepare for a year
Chandrajyothi graduated from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. She has been focused on her career ever since. Her childhood dream was to go into the civil service field. Upon graduation, she gave up one year and began to prepare completely. In just over a year of preparation, he not only passed the exam but also registered his name on the list of tops.

The strategy is simple
Chandrajyothi made a special technique for preparation of exams. He was preparing for General Studies in the first half. But in the second half, he was preparing for ich .ic. She has been studying for 6-8 hours during the initial time of exam preparation. She was studying for about 10 hours when the exam time approached. After completing the syllabus, she joined the test series. Gave as many mock tests as possible. Also, he practiced a lot of answer writing. After completing the syllabus, she devoted a lot of attention to answering writing. Also, Chandrajothi advises to pay special attention to the revision.

Watch Chandrajothi’s interview on the Delhi Knowledge Track

Chandrajyothi’s advice to other candidates
Chandrajothi says she only focused on this two months before the pre-test. When it came to the main preparation thing, they gave a lot of tests. Also, she was taking breaks in between. According to him, these breaks can help keep you fresh. Prepare with all your heart by doing the right technique, says Chandrajothi. With this, you keep analyzing the preparation. This will help you to correct your shortcomings.

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