IAS Success Story: Traveling from small village to IAS officer, learn how Ashutosh was a success

IAS Topper Ashutosh Dwivedi’s Success Story: Candidates face many challenges while preparing for UPSC exam. But success in this test is only for those who have patience and prepare for it with full effort. Today we are going to tell you the story of a candidate who faced all the challenges of his life but never gave up. His name is Ashutosh Dwivedi. Ashutosh, a resident of UP Roy Bareilly, initially had to struggle a lot.
Ashutosh made his dream come true by passing the IAS exam for the fourth time. In the first two attempts, he was unable to be selected. But on the third attempt, he got the IPS service. But it was his dream to become an IAS, so he continued to prepare for the exam. Eventually success came after a hard workout.

A struggle seen since childhood
Ashutosh’s parents had a child marriage. But the father continued his education even after marriage. His father first understood the importance of education. His father’s struggle in life inspired him. Ashutosh was cycling and studying for hours at a village school. His media has always been Hindi. Ashutosh came to Kanpur for higher studies. Here he did his BTech from HBTI. After that he started working.

Prepare to quit
Ashutosh’s older brother also wanted to become IAS. But they reached the interview round but they were not selected beyond that. Only Ashutosh had gone to see his brother’s result. Seeing that his brother was disappointed, he decided to fulfill his brother’s dream. After this he quit his job and began preparing for civil service. He worked hard to get ready for the exam.

Watch Ashutosh’s interview with the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Ashutosh’s advice to other candidates
Ashutosh considered UPSC as a penance. He was unable to succeed in his first two attempts. But he never gave up. He continued to improve his past mistakes. He was elected a third time and got an IPS service. But he took the test again. On his fourth attempt in 2017, he passed the exam with the 70th rank. His family received plenty of support while preparing for the exam. Ashutosh advises other candidates to prepare with honesty and hard work. You will definitely have success.

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