IAS Success Story: Gopal Krishna’s journey from medical officer to UPSC top is a very inspiring story

Success Story of IAS Topper Gopal Krishna: Once aspirants preparing for the UPSC decide to succeed, the challenges ahead of them appear small. Today, we will tell you the story of Gopal Krishna, a medical officer from IAS officer. After working in the medical field for about 3 years, he decided to join UPSC. He faced failure twice at UPSC, but never lost his courage and fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS.

Such was the journey of the UPSC
When Gopal Krishna took the UPSC exam for the first time, he passed the pre-test but got stuck in the main. The interview round was also reached on the second attempt but the name did not appear on the final list. On the third attempt, he passed the exam but was selected for the Indian Accounting and Accounting Service based on the 786th rank. He was supposed to be an IAS officer, so he took the test again. This time luck was favorable to him and in 2017 he achieved All India Rank 265. In this way his journey to becoming an IAS was completed.

Do this kind of technique
Gopal Krishna says you should plan your study first according to your curriculum. Better to study according to your plan. According to him, you can write the entire project in a diary. If you do such a technique your preparation will be fine. Moreover, as soon as you go to complete your syllabus, start preparing further.

Watch Gopal Krishna’s interview with Delhi Knowledge Trek here

Gopal’s advice to other candidates
Gopal Krishna believes that for success in UPSC you need to focus on smart study. According to him, the curriculum of UPSC is very broad, in which you can take your work topics smart. You can get internet help for this. He says it is important to practice answer writing. If you sit the exam with a positive attitude, your chances of success will increase.

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