IAS Success Story: Despite years of failure, Yashwant Meena had success at UPSC, which was her journey

Success Story of IAS Topper Yashwant Meena: To crack any test, it is important to be patient. You will be surprised if you know the patience of some people who have succeeded at UPSC. Today, we tell you the story of Yashwant Meena, who succeeded in UPSC Exam 2019, who took a long time to get here. He succeeded in his fifth attempt at the UPSC Civil Services Examination. He faced many challenges in his journey but never gave up until the goal was achieved.

Such was the journey of the UPSC
Yashwant, who is based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, had long wanted to go to UPSC. After Intermediate, she graduated with B.Tech and after that started preparing for UPSC. With his hard work, he was sure he would soon succeed. But he has made some mistakes, which is why Yashwant failed even after getting close to success. He failed in 4 attempts, yet he showed patience and perseverance. In his fifth attempt, he achieved the All India rank of 797.

Consider answer writing as essential
According to Yashwant, if you practice more and more answer writing, your chances of success in UPSC exam are significantly increased. They believe that you cannot get good marks if you read well and do not learn to write well. Therefore, every candidate should practice as much answer writing as possible.

Watch Yashwant Meena’s interview with the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Yashwant’s advice to other candidates
Yashwant believes that you should pay more attention to the essay to improve your rank. According to him, this way you can easily get more numbers. If you prepare your own strategy and work hard with perseverance, you will one day find success at UPSC, ”he says.

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