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How To Use WhatsApp In Hindi Gujarati Bengali And Other Regional Languages

WhatsApp Features: India is one of the largest markets for meta-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp. And India is a regional language changing country with every state or region. To cater to a wider user base, the app offers options in several major spoken regional languages ​​including Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Bengali and more.

Now, there are two ways to change the language of WhatsApp. The first is to change the language of the entire smartphone and the second is to change the language of WhatsApp only. Here we are telling you the full steps of how to do this. WhatsApp automatically adapts to the smartphone’s default language. So, if you change the phone’s language to Hindi, Bengali, Tamil or any other language, WhatsApp will automatically show up in that language.

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in android

First open your phone’s settings. Go to the system after that. Go to language and input here. Here you will find different languages.
Now you have to select it by tapping on the ad language here. Now your language is selected.

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on the iphone

Go to your phone’s settings. Now go back to normal. After this, head over to the language and region, where the iPhone language is found.
Now select your language and change it.

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On the Kia OS

First go to your phone’s settings. Now select personalization and scroll down and select the language.
Now select your language and press OK.

In Whatsapp

Open your WhatsApp.
Now go to WhatsApp Settings.
Now tap on Chats and select the app language.
Now you can choose your language.

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