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How to Succeed at UPSC Without Coaching Learn Success Tips by Vishal Saraswat

IAS Topper Vishal Saraswat’s Success Story: When preparing for the civil service you must be mentally strong. Many times candidates also face failure, but success only comes from putting great efforts into it. Vishal Saraswat who passed the UPSC exam will tell you about his journey. Decided to prepare without any coaching and passed the UPSC exam in a second attempt. Her story is inspiring to people who are preparing without coaching.

Vishal understood himself first

Vishal Saraswat was originally from Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh. His outlook during the UPSC preparation was very positive. Vishal decided to prepare for the postgraduate degree. First, they evaluated their own strengths and made plans to proceed accordingly. They believe we must first learn about our weaknesses and strengths. This makes the strategy much easier.

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Vishal’s opinion on coaching

Vishal believes that without proper guidance or information about UPSC, you can resort to coaching. If you have enough information and resources, you can also crack this test with the help of self study. The Internet has become a huge force in today’s times and can be used well in the making. Faced with the challenges boldly and reached the goal.

Watch an interview with Vishal Saraswat Delhi’s Knowledge Track here

Vishal advice to other candidates

First, Vishal Saraswat believes that you should go to the UPSC website and thoroughly review the syllabus for preparation. Prepare your technique and study material according to the syllabus. According to Vishal, you can take the help of NCERT books to clear your basics. Hard work, proper technique, refinement, answer writing practice and a positive attitude are key to success.

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