How to prevent hackers from reading your private messages in a WhatsApp account? Learn these helpful tips

Hackers keep an eye on WhatsApp owned by Facebook. Data leakage and hacking cases are on the rise in recent times. In most cases, hackers target users through fraud calls and messages. WhatsApp’s privacy policy may be questioned, but there are some features in the app that help prevent hacking. Tell us what these features are and how to enable them.

Enable two-step verification in WhatsApp

To enable two-step verification in WhatsApp, first open the App.
Now go to its settings and tap Account.
Here you will see a two step verification option.
Now enable this option.
After this you have to enter 6 digit PIN.
You are now prompted to confirm the entered PIN.
Once this is done, you will be asked to add an email address.
If you have forgotten your PIN, you can use this mail in such a situation.
You have a choice in this, if you wish, you can also skip the email.
Once this is done, you can donate a two-step check.

Make changes to these settings too

If you want to maintain the privacy of your WhatsApp, you need to change some settings.
You need to change it to Settings, Last Scene, About, Profile Photo and Status.
For this, you need to make sure the ‘My Contacts’ option is selected for everything.
If this happens, only people added to your contact list will be able to see your status last.
On the other hand, if any link or message comes from an unknown number, you can report it without information.

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