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How to Prepare for UPSC During the Corona Epidemic Learn the Good Way by IAS Ankita Jain

IAS Topper Ankita Jain’s Success Story: For the past two years, Corona Mahamari has rallied around the world. This has disrupted everyone’s life. The country has long faced a lockdown. This caused people to be held captive for a long time. This has greatly affected the candidates preparing for UPSC. Today, we tell you the story of Ankita Jain, who became the all-India No. 3 in 2020 by UPSC exams that were successful in this epidemic era. After many years of struggle, Ankita’s IAS dream came true. Let us know how he strengthened his preparation.

There are millions of jobs left for the civil service

Ankita, a native of Delhi, had a dream of joining the civil service from an early age. After the intermediate, he obtained his engineering degree from the Technical University of Delhi. B.Tech then got a private job along with an affordable package. After working for a while, he decided to prepare for UPSC and quit the job. Ankita’s husband is an IPS officer. There are still many people in his family in civil service.

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Ankita started preparing for UPSC in 2017. He failed in the first attempt but passed the second attempt. This time their rank is not good and neither is the IAS service. He joined the Indian Accounts Service and was preparing for UPSC. The third attempt was unsuccessful. In the fourth attempt, he finally realized his dream of becoming an IAS.

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Such preparations during the epidemic

According to Ankita, during the corona epidemic, she made some changes to her strategy and strengthened her readiness from online sources. They used materials available on the internet to suit their need and took maximum time to prepare. They believe that in today’s age with the Internet, you can strengthen your preparation enough. Many things, including online training, can be helpful, especially in the coronavirus era.

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Ankita advises other candidates

Ankita Jain believes that candidates should first read the original books of NCERT. Go through the standard books when your sources are clear. Be sure to make small notes while studying. This will make it easier for you to revise later. Practice answer writing and evaluate your preparation with mock tests. Recognize your mistakes and correct them and try your best every time. You can have success with this technique.

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