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How to Prepare for a Bank PO

Bank PO Exam: Government employees are everyone’s bank. Banks hold various positions in the country. Millions of young people apply for a PO post in the bank. With a lot of hard work and diligence, youths can reach out to top management from a bank PO. This is why so many young people want to make their careers as a bank PO. The right age, educational qualification and how they can prepare for the PO post. You can find all this information here.

Age and educational qualification
Speaking of age and academic eligibility, this post is set for 21 to 30 years. At the same time, the minimum educational qualification for a bank PO is a master’s degree. The youth selection is made based on the interview conducted after two steps. The first stage involves a written test. This test will ask questions related to general knowledge and Hindi English. At the same time, after passing the test, in the second level, participants will gain 225 marks in General Knowledge, Hindi, English and Maths. The question There are. Two hours and 15 are given to answer the question. After passing the exam Interview Is called.

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The Logical Part of Logical Reasoning Questions Covers. Speaking of Logical Reasoning, it includes oral questions. Reasoning also asks questions related to blood, seating, and coding.

This topic is common to all competitive and banking exams. This includes questions, phrases and idioms related to filling in the blanks, grammar and vocabulary, direct and indirect periods, acceptance, correction of mistakes.Go on.

Quantitative aptitude
This Knowing the shortcut formulas and techniques Necessary There is. The body of the paper Data Definition There is. It includes tabulation, pie charts, line charts, line graphs and bar charts. In addition Square root, cube root, partnership, percentage, ratio and ratioRelated questions Will be asked.

General understanding
Of common sense To solve the part Current Affairs Information Necessary There is. For this From Indian Economy, International Economy, UNO, Marketing, Constitution of India, Sports, Finance, Agriculture. Related questions are asked.

The computer question paper in the exam is 20 marks.. For this Basic knowledge of basic computer knowledge, software and hardware, DBMS, Microsoft Office, Input and Output Devices, Networking, Internet Necessary There is.

And so on Make preparations
Proper preparation for objective tests, group discussion and interview to crack this test Necessary There is. Get help with good references, solved past years’ question papers and monthly competitive exams magazine to prepare different types of questions.Right there General knowledge Regular preparation Usually a newspaper Read.

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