How to motivate yourself during UPSC preparation Learn from IAS officer Anupama Anjali

IAS Topper Anupama Anjali’s success story: Every year millions of people prepare for UPSC. Some of them have success, some have to try again. However, whoever is leading with great confidence this time around, will soon find success. Today we tell you the story of IAS officer Anupama Anjali. He prepared for a test like UPSC without stress and fulfilled his dream of achieving success. Let’s get some tips for success from them today.

Do not compare yourself with others
Anupama Anjali believes that when you compare yourself with others when preparing UPSC, you will have problems. It will shake your confidence and make your preparation better. So work hard with a positive attitude and keep yourself motivated. Proceed to your goal and stay some distance from social life. However, stay in touch with family members and talk to them. It strengthens your support system.

Take care of physical and mental health
Anupama Anjali says people often do not take care of their physical and mental health during the preparation of the UPSC. People should take time for exercise during preparation. In addition, you should refresh yourself so that you can refresh yourself. If you take care of all these things, you will be able to focus on studies.

Watch Anupama Anjali’s interview with the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Anupama Anjali’s advice to others
Anupama Anjali believes that sometimes it takes time for success in UPSC, but do not discourage yourself and keep yourself positive. With rigorous perseverance, dedication and proper technique, you can succeed in this test in less time. She says that you will definitely get the fruits of hard work, so always be happy.

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