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How to Encrypt WhatsApp Chats on iCloud and Google Drive

WhatsApp Hidden Feature: WhatsApp simply tells all chats on its platform under end-to-end encryption. That is, no one can see your recipient of the message, not even WhatsApp itself. WhatsApp does not store it on its servers. WhatsApp offers the option to store all chats on its platform in Google Drive and iCloud. Under this, when we login to a new device, we get a backup of all chats. But messages stored on Google Drive and iCloud are not end-to-end encrypted. That is, there is a risk that your chat will leak from there. WhatsApp now also provides end-to-end encryption when backing up messages, eliminating this problem. Tell us what this feature is and how you can use it.

You have to adjust yourself

This feature does not come by default. You have to set it manually. Once you set this up, no one will be able to read your backup messages without a password. However, here you must take care of your password, because even if you forget your password, you will not be able to access your backup message.

Enable this type of setting

  • Go to WhatsApp. Click on Settings here.
  • After that go to Chats> Chats Backup> End-to-end encrypted backup.
  • Now turn on end-to-end encrypted backup.
  • After this, you have the option to set a password for the cloud or Google Backup or set an encryption key.
  • Now, after setting the password, click Create. After this, WhatsApp encrypts the backup.
  • IPhone users should remember that if you turn on iCloud Backup yourself, there is no encrypted backup available. You should turn off the backup for this. You allow WhatsApp to set its own backup.

This way you can turn this setting off

If you want to turn off the encrypted WhatsApp chat backup, you will need to go to the end-to-end encryption setting by following the same procedure described above. There you have to click on Off instead of On. At this time you will be prompted for a password. You can turn it off by entering your password.

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