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How to apply for a Universal Travel Pass to travel in this state on lockdown

Online Travel Pass: The Maharashtra Disaster Management Team has launched Universal Travel Pass to facilitate and facilitate travel permits during lockdown or post-lockdown. Universal Travel Pass is a web application that contains essential information about a person and their vaccination status.

Company and individual citizens can apply for a Universal Travel Pass. It is also worth noting that the pass is only for Maharashtra. The pass includes a QR code, which can be scanned by bus and railways, to check details and other information about citizens, including their vaccination details.

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We know that the Government of Maharashtra has launched the Online Universal Travel Pass Registration Form 2022 (Universal Travel Pass Registration 2022) in view of the third web of the Kovid epidemic. There are many restrictions in all states and Maharashtra has adopted it. People involved in essential services can now get a Universal Travel Pass that allows them to move freely across the state. You epassmsdma.mahit.org But you can apply for Universal Travel Pass online and then get Kovid Pass.

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How to Apply for a Universal Travel Pass? We have given full steps here for this.

  • First official website https://epassmsdma.mahit.org/login.htm Go to
  • Now select the Universal Pass option for citizens with double vaccination.
  • Now enter your phone number, after which you will get OTP.
  • The website automatically receives all required information, including blank details.
  • Now, click on Generate Pass option to apply for Universal Travel Pass.

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