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Hide and see the stories of others on Instagram with this trick, friends don’t know

Instagram Secret Feature: The Instagram app is mostly used by young people nowadays. People love this platform of social media very much. Photo and story sharing are very high. Users who follow, look at their Instagram story, know it is up front, but many users want to see other people’s stories for different reasons, but they don’t know about it, let’s go. Today we will tell you the trick that you can secretly watch your friends’ stories and do not know about them.

Don’t make this mistake

Before telling you the trick, it’s important to say that some people resort to a third party app to secretly watch Instagram stories, which can be dangerous. If you do the same, leave it immediately. Because with this type of application, your personal and banking details can be breached. Also, the virus can come on your phone.

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Follow this strategy

If you want to see friends ’stories on Instagram in secret, follow these steps.

  • First open the Instagram app.
  • Long press the next story you want to see. Now simply swipe to the back story. You have to keep in mind that you have to hold off on the second story until you see the whole story.
  • Pressing for a long time does not track anyone’s views on Instagram.
  • Aside from that, another way to look at stories is to open an Instagram app first.
  • Wait for the app to open until the entire story is loaded.
  • Now put the phone in flight mode and start watching the story after that.
  • Because the phone’s flight mode and you’re offline, the person in front of you doesn’t know you’ve seen their stories.

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