Hardik Pandya tells brother Krunal post emotional Vijay Hazare Trophy hundred

When his father Himanshu Pandya passed away last month, the Pandya brothers suffered a huge personal tragedy. Krunal, the eldest of the Pandya brothers, recalled his father’s words shortly before he died, as he scored the first hundred points of the Vijay Hazare Trophy 2021 campaign.

Playing for Baroda in the domestic one-day event, Krunal scored 127 off 90 balls to take a 6-wicket win over Tripura. This was the first century in domestic cricket from Krunal Bat and dedicated it to his late father.

Krunal took to Instagram to share an emotional post recalling what his father had said when he scored 76 for Baroda in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy.

“” My son, your time has begun, “these were my father’s last words when we discussed cricket after I scored 76 in the Smaat game last month.

Later, I was touched by his admiration but now I am amazed by his view of me.

It was the first time when I got a hundred and he wasn’t physically present to see my game – yes, my heart would pound to think about this too but knowing him, he would definitely cheer for every race I scored yesterday.
“Shabash Krunal Shabash, Ramto Rezze,” he giggled!

Coincidentally, my Mom was here to watch the game for the first time and as she said, I scored a century!

After a hundred I was so emotional and devoted these innings to my father, there was a smile on his face as I thanked him for every moment he gave me to fulfill my dreams.

Pappa, I Love You ”, read Krunal’s post.

Hardik shared Krunal’s post on her Instagram account as a story and wrote: “Now you are here @crunalpandya_ofical”, “My boy, very good”, “I love you with my love”

As soon as he learned of the death of his father, Krunal left Bardo’s camp. Hardik was not involved in any cricketing series at the time. Two cricketers have returned to the sport since then. While Krunal is part of Baroda’s Vijay Hazare Trophy team, Hardik is with the Indian team in Ahmedabad for the ongoing Test series against England.

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