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Hackers are making users their victims through Gmail, follow these important tips to avoid

How to protect yourself from hackers: Online shopping is taking place before Diwali. But during this online shopping, hackers are looking for their prey. Hackers offer free gift coupons, free coupons, and many other lures to users by mail, causing the user to fall into their trap and completely ruin their account. Hackers commit more fraud by sending mail on Gmail. In such a situation, we are giving you some advice so that you can avoid becoming their victim. According to media reports, this festive season e-commerce sites receive fake mail from Amazon and Flipkart. Users are being victimized by these. Links to these e-mails are attached, and clicking on them can make you a victim of financial fraud.

Take special care of these materials

If you receive such mail, read it carefully.
Also, don’t forget to click on the links attached to these mails.
Do not click on attachments other than links.
Even if you click in haste, do not enter any details you hear.
Remember, by attracting you in these mails, you will be asked for bank details such as CVV code, ATM card number, OTP, etc. Don’t forget to provide this information.
Lastly, always remember not to share your e-mail id password with anyone.

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