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Google’s Youtube shorts are released in India, know who competes with it

Youtube Shorts Launch: Google has made several new announcements in the seventh edition of the Google for India event. The major publication in this issue is to launch Youtube Shorts in India. This was announced by Pandu Nayak, Vice President of Google Search. So far this feature is only visible on YouTube, but now you will be able to use it separately. With its exclusive release, Google wants to dominate the short video market in India. What is Youtube Shorts, what companies compete with it and how big the market for short videos is.

Understand Youtube Shorts

Youtube Shorts is a short video platform like Ticktack. Here you can shoot short videos. These videos are in different categories. Youtube Shorts has set the duration of shooting videos up to 60 seconds on its platform. That is, you can make a video for up to 1 minute. If you want, you can even make a short video from it. You can speed up or slow down the recording. In this you will get many features to make a video creative.

Will compete with

Youtube Shorts is not easy to establish itself in the Indian market. It has to compete with many other applications already here. Right now, MX competes with many other apps in India such as TakaTak, ShareChat, Moj, Josh, Ropso, Snake, Chingari and Zili. A large number of users are connected to these apps. Previously, Tiktak had ruled in India on the short video app, but after last year’s ban, it won’t be here. The company will also be challenged by its Instagram reel and Facebook video.

How big is India’s short video market

According to a study, over 50 million users in India have uploaded at least a small video on such an app. In India, it is also known as Short Forms Video (SFV) market. According to a recent report by Bain and Company, more than 200 million Indians have watched the short video at least once in 2020. Other big companies are trying to connect with people for the same reason. Flipkart recently signed with Moz App. The Moz app has 160 million users. The report states that daily active users spend at least 45 minutes a day on such apps. It is estimated that by 2025, over 650 million Indians will have access to these kinds of short video apps. The SFV market in India has grown 3.5 times in terms of users, but the time spent on such applications is over 12 times. This is the reason why big companies are eyeing the market today. With this in mind, Google has launched its short video platform exclusively.

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