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Google’s smart glass is going to knock back in the market, this time in high tech

Google AR Glass: Google is gradually expanding its other product besides the search engine. In this issue, the company has begun working on its new project, the new set of Google Smart Glass. This glass works in augmented reality technology. It still has many amazing features. Let us tell you about this project of Google.

Launched in 2013

According to the report, these glasses based on Google’s AR technique will be completely different than Google’s previous smart glasses, with several specifications. Let us tell you that the company launched Google Glass in 2013. The purpose of this is to provide a user-friendly smartphone-like interface through glasses. The product made a lot of headlines back then, but due to some criticism, the company was forced to discontinue it. Now the company can launch this new product by the end of this year or next year.

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It is special and works like this

If we talk about Google AR Glass technology, it will be very special. According to the report, with this technology, users will be able to coordinate with real-world objects and humans through computer software. With this, the two will also be able to talk. However, it is still unclear whether Google will go to the StopGap headset, which is less dependent on AR and more on VR.

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Many more companies are in the race

Let us tell you that apart from Google in the range of smart glasses, Apple is also preparing to join next year. It is expected to launch by next year. At the same time, Meta is also involved in the race to bring such a product.

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