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Google’s big event is set to launch in India today

Google for India: The Google for India event, which takes place every year, is starting today. The company is in the process of sharing its plans for India and this year, the company will be putting out new projects at the event. According to information, the company may also introduce new features.

Let us tell you, this will be Google’s seventh Google for India event. Before Corona, it was a physical event, but now it is run by virtual only. What makes it special is that you can watch its live streaming.

Pixel smartphones are not released

Google has not released Pixel smartphones in India but the company hosts the event every year. As per information, the Pixel-6 series is not currently released in India. This was confirmed by the company.

The program will begin at 10am

Let us tell you, at the Google for India event, the company launched Tez, a payment platform in India, which was later switched to Google Pay. At the same time, this time the company is focusing on Indian users and offering new features in the products. Let us tell you that the show will start today at 10am.

“We have come together so far. This time we are coming back with more product updates, more technological innovations and a commitment to India’s digital journey,” the company said.

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