Google New Feature: Now that you are able to lock photos and videos, Google is bringing a very special feature

If you want to hide your private photos and videos from others, there is good news for you. In fact, tech giant Google (Google) is bringing a special feature in its product, Google Photos. The company has announced that the Lock Folder feature will be rolled out for the user. With its help, Android users will be able to hide their photos and videos.

Photos don’t show up in search
Photos and videos hidden by users are not shown in the main grid and Google Photos search. According to media reports, this special feature of Google Photos will be rolled out in June next year, although the company has yet to release the feature. This feature can be first introduced with Google’s upcoming smartphone Pixel 6. Only then can it be supported on other companies’ smart phones.

Can’t take any screenshot
This feature of Google Photos is very useful for such users who want to hide their photos from others. After locking your photos and videos by putting a passcode in the lock feature, no one will be able to see them. These photos don’t show up on the main grid and in the Google Photos app search. No one can take a screenshot of these photos.

You can use this feature of Google Photos like this

To use the locked folder, users must first go to the Google Photos Library.
After going to the library, now tap on the utilities option.
As soon as you tap it, you’ll see the Locked Folder option.
Once this is done you will be able to lock your private photos and videos in this folder.
You can lock it with a passcode so that no one can see them.

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