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Google has removed these apps from the Play Store, which are used to spy on a spouse

Application Ban: Tech giant Google has removed many stalkerware apps from the Play Store. These apps are being used to spy on a spouse. These stalkerware apps are used to promote spying on your friend and partner, which is contrary to the Google Play Store policy. Let’s find out what are stock ware ops.

What are Stalkerware Applications?
Stalkerware apps are usually fake apps that look like an app that accesses users’ personal information such as call logs, messages and location. Often they are used to spy on someone else. Google says the company does not allow spyware-promoting ads for partner surveillance. A company spokesman said: “We have removed ads from the Play Store that violate our policy. We will continue to monitor such ads.”

The Play Store Policy has been updated
Google updated its Play Store policy in 2020, which bans stalkerware applications. Google has said that such apps are banned from the Play Store, which transfers personal information from the device without the full information or consent and does not consistently show that they are banned from the Play Store. .

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