Google has brought out the Dark Mode feature, which will not damage the eye while working

Tech giant Google brings new updates to its users. The purpose of these new features is to make the user experience better. At the same time, taking it even further, the company has rolled out the Dark Mode theme in its search platform, Google Search. It has now been brought to the desktop on the web, and will be available to everyone a few days later. If you want to enable this special feature on your PC, we are telling you the whole process, let us know.

You get three options
According to Google, the Dark Mode theme can be activated in the Google Home Page, Search Results Page and Search Settings. After activating the feature here, Google’s theme will start to show black in the system. In the Dark Mode theme, users get a light, dark color option. On the other hand, for the third option, a PC or laptop is used to set the default settings.

Enable the Dark Mode theme feature on your system this way

  • For this, first open Google Search in any browser.
  • Now tap on the Settings option on the top right.
  • Then go to the Search Settings option and the Appearance option.
  • After doing this, select the color option of your choice, and finally select the Save option.

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