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Google has brought an amazing feature, no need to read search results now, Google says

Google for India: Google will soon bring a feature in which you will be able to hear the searched information aloud. This feature was announced by Pandu Nayak, Vice President, Google Search, in the seventh edition of the Google for India event. Hosted online, the company has announced many more features and some major updates and other things. Let us know what the whole thing is.

Search results can be heard in 5 languages

This global first feature of Google is bringing people who are comfortable listening and understanding information. Under this, you can ask Google Assistant to read the search result. This feature can prove very effective when driving. Because if you need any information while driving, you can’t look at the screen. In such a situation, the information obtained by speaking can easily reach you. Not only this, you will be able to hear the search result in a loud voice in 5 languages.

Effective for those without eyes

This feature of Google is very useful for people who have bad eyes and cannot see. Now he is able to hear all kinds of information.

Also announced

Under the program, the company has also announced the option of booking slots for the Kovid-19 vaccination through Google. In addition, updates to Google Search, Gmail, Google Drive and other Google apps are also provided.

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Google Map feature: In addition to showing the route, this feature of Google Map protects you from over speed challenge and accident.

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