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Google has banned this fake app named Squid Game from Google Playstore

Squid Game Wallpaper 4K HD App: Squid game has become very popular nowadays. This series of Netflix shows Craze. Fraudsters are also taking advantage of this popularity. In this game, many people have made fake ops and defrauded them. After receiving frequent complaints, Google banned such an app from the Play Store and removed it.

How this trap is trapping

This dangerous app is available on the Play Store as Squid Game Wallpaper 4K HD. The application was first reported by security company ESET expert Lucas Stefanco. Joker malware is hidden in this application. Through this, Pundas sent many fake advertising and SMS subscriptions to the user’s mobile. Many premium services are signed up for users unknowingly. This was a very high charge. Prior to the ban, the app had been downloaded more than 5000 times.

To avoid this kind of application, keep these things in mind

Fraud cases continue to come through the app every day. Here we are telling you some such tricks so you can be safe. Here are some tips.

  • Before you download any app from Playstore, go to more details on that app. Check the name of the company there.
  • Thugs dump multiple apps, so before you download an app, it’s important that you check how often it is downloaded. One of the most frequently downloaded basic applications.
  • Before installing the app, it is best if you read its review.
  • After downloading the app, the app will ask for different types of permissions, read each permissions correctly and only allow it later. Do not allow the app to access your personal information.

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