Geo and Google’s new 4G smartphone, know when it will be released

Geo Phone Next: At the 44th Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries, President Mukesh Ambani has announced the new smartphone GeoPhone-Next, made in partnership with Reliance Jio and Google. This new phone includes the features and apps of Geo and Google. This phone has an Android operating system developed by Geo and Google. While the price has not yet been revealed, it has been announced that this new Jio phone will be available at the next affordable price. The company will launch it on the market on September 10, ie Ganesha Chaturthi.

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Next up are the features of the Geo Phone
Users on Geophone-Next smartphones can also download apps from Google Play. You’ll also get great camera features and all Android updates on this phone. The phone has voice support, auto-readable off-screen text, language translation, a smart camera with augmented reality filters, and many more. The fingerprint sensor is also provided on the back panel of the phone.

Geo Phone Next Price and Colors

You get this phone in black. Users can download apps from Google Play on the Geophone-Next smartphone specially made for the Indian market. However, the price of the Geophone-Next has not yet been revealed. But the price of this phone is believed to be very low. Mukesh Ambani has described this smartphone as the cheapest smartphone not only in India but also in the world.

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