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Frustrated by failures at UPSC, then getting to know Nupur Goyal’s story will boost your excitement

IAS Topper Nupur Goel’s Success Story: If you strive for failure in the journey of the UPSC, you will achieve your goal. Today we tell you about Nupur Goel, who won All India 11th position in UPSC 2019. She was interviewed on the first try, but then her fight began. They suffered consecutive defeats. But Nupur decided that I would accept it by becoming IAS. For this endeavor, in his last attempt, he made the dream of civil service come true.

It was an early journey

Nupur Goyal was originally from Narela, Delhi. According to them, the education of girls is not given much importance in this area. But he decided to move on and earned an engineering degree in Electronics and Communication after completing his Intermediate at DAV College. B.Tech later earned a Masters Degree in Public Administration at IGNOU. In fact there was a time when his uncle was preparing for UPSC but he was not successful. Inspired by him, Nupur thought to become IAS.

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Such was his journey

In 2014, she passed the prelims and main exams on her first attempt. But the interview did not succeed. She was unable to pass the preliminary exam on the second try. He again reached the interview on his third attempt, but was unsuccessful. On his fourth attempt, he did not pass his pre-test. She failed to try again. He later joined the Intelligence Bureau. In preparation for this, he made his dream of becoming an IAS in 2019 come true.

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Watch Nupur Goyal’s interview with the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Nupur’s advice to other candidates

Nupur believes that when preparing for civil services, candidates should not leave until the last attempt. Must be constantly on target. Mock tests are very important to prelims, but practice writing the answer to the main exam. They believe that candidates should limit their sources and read newspapers every day. Regardless of this, always keep in mind one thing not to leave until you achieve your dream.

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