From digital marketing to blogging, there are many job opportunities in the cyber space, learn from experts

New Delhi. During the country’s corona period, most of the content took place in online mode. From education to employment to online media, a large number of young people in this era have made the digital world their tool of employment. Be it creator of social media or blogging or digital marketing. Today we tell you about the career options available in the digital space, including digital marketing, blogging.

Chandan Sahu’s Hindi blogs are read all over the world, establishing his place in the world of Hindi bloggers worldwide. Chandan is an award-winning blogger in the field of blogging, whose blogs are based on the changing landscape of technology. Not only this, millions of people are watching sandalwood in the YouTube world and millions of people subscribe to their YouTube channel. Coming from Orissa, Odia is not only his main language, he also has a good understanding of Hindi and English and some other regional languages. Aside from the blogging world, Chandan has set up his own digital business. Many multinationals in the world are associated with their niche businesses in the digital marketing field as consumers. & Nbsp;

The trend of Google Adsense has increased but Chandan has sent him a check for the year 2013. At the time I was doing a masters job, education was going on and the current situation was not like that, so it was a very enjoyable time for them and an unforgettable time and a first step in the field of success in the blogging world, ”says Chandan. But today his blog site, HindiMetNet, was launched in 2014, and has been read more than 200 million times. & Nbsp;

But Chandan does not give all the credit to himself and gives it to his friends who helped him in the early times. He said his friends Sabina and CM Sharma constantly helped him move forward. The year 2016 was a time of great creativity and dedication. More than 500 bloggers participated in the competition, hosted by Google Queries, who were selected as the best and were awarded the Question Hub Goals Award. Soon after, she started accepting invitations for interviews. & nbsp; After this, several questions related to Hindi blogging came up for him, for which he started making videos on digital marketing from Hindi Junkari channel and started providing information to people. Today this channel has millions of subscribers.

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