Free Corona Vaccine for Senior Citizens from March 1 – Central Government

The central government has decided to give free vaccination to senior citizens. The government said the coronavirus vaccine would be provided free of charge to those over the age of 60 and those with more than 2 diseases over the age of 45.

Speaking at a news conference, Minister Prakash Javadekar said that the process of giving coronavirus to senior citizens will begin from March 1. Both government and private hospitals can be vaccinated, and people over the age of 45 can get the vaccine by showing them more than 2 diseases.

More than 10 thousand government centers and over 20 thousand private vaccines will be vaccinated. Vaccines can be obtained free of charge at government centers, while private centers have to pay. Within one to three days you will be told how much you should pay for a dose. Prakash Javadekar informed that the matter will be discussed and a final decision will be taken.

The delivery of the Kovacsin and Cowshield vaccine began on January 16, when the government was initially vaccinated by health workers. Now senior citizens and those over 45 years of age are being vaccinated.

Initially, the government was considering giving the Corona vaccine to everyone over 50 years of age. After that the age gap has been increased to 60 years. There is information available from the sources that co-Win AAP must be mandatory for those over the age of 60 to get free vaccination at government vaccination centers.

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