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Fraudsters defraud in the name of the premium subscription package

Despite all of Google’s strictures, fraudsters are stealing people’s data through fake apps and tapping into their bank accounts. Recently, such a shocking news has come out that 151 fake android apps have been fooled by people in the name of a premium subscription package. The app has been downloaded 10.5 million times.

What a full game

In fact, this premium SMS scam named ‘UltimaSMS’ started in May 2021. It included keyboards, QR code scanners, video and image editors, spam call blockers, camera filters and some game apps. Such counterfeit applications have been downloaded by people in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, USA, Poland and many other countries in the Middle East.

They are trapped in this kind of trap

These fake apps take the user’s phone number and email information in front of users using the features. Following this, they were forced to pay for a premium SMS service, depending on the user’s location and mobile carrier. This amount is Rs.

Many such applications still exist

Of course, Google removed the majority of such apps from the Playstore after fraud cases surfaced, but even after that, until 19 October 2021, there were 82 such apps on Google Playstore.

Marketing on social media

According to researchers, such apps do their marketing on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TickTalk and from there they get people into their trap. They resort to lucrative commercial videos to trap people.

Get out of this kind of trap

According to experts, if fraud is detected, cancel such a subscription plan first. After this, remove such apps from the phone immediately.

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