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Fraudsters are cheating on you in the name of Booster Dose, keep these things in mind

Vaccination scam: Teenagers in the country are now being given the first dose coronavirus vaccine, with frontline workers and senior citizens being given a booster dose. On the other hand, cybercriminals are beginning to take advantage of this opportunity. People are cheating in the name of giving a booster dose. Many such complaints have come from different parts of the country. Police and Health Department officials are raising awareness about this. If you get such calls, you need to be careful. We will tell you how thugs are misleading people and how you can avoid this fraud.

Cheat this way

According to information, pundas are calling for those over 60 years of age. They describe themselves as government employees and ask whether you got a double dose or a booster dose. After this, they talk about registration to get the vaccine. In the name of registration, they first ask for your basic information. After this, they tell you the date so that you can get vaccinated on this day. After this, they will ask for OTP in the name of the last steps of registration. When linking to a banking transaction you consider it an OTP of registration. As soon as you say that OTP, your account will be deducted.

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Keep these things in mind

If you want to avoid this type of fraud, you need to keep a few things in mind.

  • Understand that no call has been made on the part of the government to apply the booster dose.
  • The government will not process the booking for you. You have to register yourself.
  • Even if someone talks about registration on the phone, don’t fall into their trap and share any kind of OTP.
  • Read the message on the phone correctly. Know where the message came from and for what purpose.
  • If this type of fraud occurs, immediately report it to the police or cyber cell without wasting time.

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