First, the base was strong for the UPSC and later Pradhana Singh became an IAS officer

IAS Topper Pradhan Singh’s Success Story: Today we tell you the story of Pradhan Singh, an IAS officer who succeeded in the UPSC exam. With a good strategy of motivation, she achieved her goal in civilian service in a short time. Today we tell you that after adopting what strategy, Motivation UPSC blew the flag after achieving success at Civil Services. If other people adopt a similar strategy, it can be very helpful to them.

Start with NCERT books
Pradhana Singh believes that if you want to prepare for UPSC, first strengthen your ground with NCERT books. After that you can improve your preparation using standard books. Prakrina says that NCERT books from 6th to 12th grade will be very useful for your UPSC preparation. They believe that if you start well, you will be able to prepare further.

Diligent study and revision are very important
As for motivation, to prepare UPSC at the present time, you need to focus on smart study. This will save you time, which you can use for revision. They believe that hard work and maximum refinement play a key role in success. According to them, each candidate should make maximum revision after completing their syllabus.

Watch Pradhan Singh’s interview with the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Motivational Singh Advice to Other Candidates
Pradhana Singh believes that all candidates should analyze their preparation from time to time so that they can know their true status. Wherever there are flaws, fix them. In terms of motivation, if you work hard with dedication, you will be able to excel in UPSC exam. They believe that a positive attitude is also important to success.

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