Find out which brand is the most liked in India and the ranking of Indian brands

American multinational computer technology company Dell has emerged as India’s ‘most preferred brand’. This information is provided in the report. Chinese smartphone maker Shiomi’s ‘Me’ TRA Brand Trust Report is set to become the second most popular brand in 2021, according to a report by TRA Research.
LG TV came in third and its rival Samsung TV in fourth. At the same time, Apple’s iPhone ranks as the fifth most preferred brand. He was second on this list last year.

This brand is on top
Samsung’s mobile phone, which topped the charts four times, fell to eighth place in the new report. Chandra Mouli, CEO of TRA Research, said, “Laptop company Dell has achieved exceptional achievement as the ‘Most Wanted Brand’ in India.” 18 Indian brands, nine American brands in the top-50, eight Korean brands and seven Chinese brands. “

These brands performed well
Top-50 brands have a variety of brands that reflect the choice of consumer divers. Mobile phones, however, are the most preferred category with nine entrants, followed by laptops and televisions (four brands each). On the list, Oppo ranked sixth with a 27-point rise over the previous year, and LG refrigerators ranked seventh, up 22 places from the 2020 report.

These brands are included in the top 20
Sony Entertainment Television is included in the top 10 brands. The Hindi entertainment channel ranks ninth. Chinese phone brand Vivo is ranked 10th. There is not a single Indian brand among the top 10 brands. Indian brands like Deodorant Brand Fog (12th), Milk Product Company Amul Milk (13th), ICICI Bank (17th) and Amul Butter (20th) are among the top 20 brands.

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