Find out how someone looks at your Facebook profile and how

You have to be very careful when using Facebook. In fact, your personal information is available on Facebook. In many media reports, there has been talk of data theft from Facebook. Therefore, we should not be indifferent to the security of our personal data.

To avoid data theft, the user must know that there is no one peering at his profile. Today we are telling you a simple trick through which you can know who has made your profile funny. Learn what these strategies are

  • You must be logged into Facebook’s browser.
  • You can’t find out who is snooping on your profile in the Facebook app.
  • Login to Facebook in the browser and then visit the profile.
  • Right click on the Facebook profile, then you will see many options.
  • In these options, you must view the page source.
  • You can view the page source using the CTRL + U command. Then you find BUDDY_ID by CTRL + F.
  • Next to it will be 15 digits, which you must copy.
  • After copying you must enter the digit
  • After searching, you’ll be able to see the person who viewed your profile.

If you think your personal information may be stolen from Facebook, keep these things in mind:

  • Don’t be friends with strangers on Facebook.
  • If you are friends with a stranger first, then make him friends.
  • Lock your Facebook profile.
  • By doing this, no stranger can see your Facebook profile.

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