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Facebook’s first smartwatch will be released in the name of Meta, getting a front camera

Facebook Smart Watch: Tech giant Facebook has been renamed Meta. At the same time, the company is believed to be releasing its new smartwatch under the name Meta. This is the company’s first gadget to come up with a new name. What’s special about it is the launch with the front camera. Its glass is made in collaboration with Ray-Ban. Let’s learn about its design.

The design stays the same
According to media reports, the meta-smartwatch will feature a round screen. Its screen edges are curved. Its display is somewhat like the Apple Watch. A button will also be provided on the right side of this smartwatch. Meta Watch’s list can also be sorted. There are a lot of fitness tracking features on this watch.

When will the launch
MetaWatch provides cellular connectivity, making messaging even easier. Video conferencing can also be done through the camera. This is the first smartwatch to come with a front camera. The company could launch this watch early next year. Users will only be able to buy next year.

Will compete with Apple
MetaWatch easily connects to both Android and iOS phones. This watch will compete with Apple’s smartwatch. Apple’s smartwatch is very popular and is the best-selling watch.

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