Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are down again, know what’s the reason

Popular social media platforms around the world, such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are once again discontinued. Users cannot use them for about two hours. Because of this, users had problems. This is the second time these forums have been shut down in the last few days. Even seven days ago, the three ops were shut down for six hours. Users have expressed their anger on Twitter.

Very down
Indian Time Zone shut down Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram around 2 pm on Saturday, fixed at 6 pm. However, in countries such as India, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram have been down.

This is why these apps are down
Experts told Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) the reason for the shutdown of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. According to media reports, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram have once again stalled due to an error in the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). Let us tell you that the Internet only works with the help of the BGP. Many networks are interconnected by this.

Facebook apologizes
Just as the company has apologized to users in the past, Facebook has once again apologized for the decline of Facebook and its other products, WhatsApp and Instagram. In addition, the company said that problems with the network have been eliminated.

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