Facebook tests this feature on Twitter, Spot time

Tech giant Facebook is set to launch a Twitter-like feature soon. This feature is similar to the thread feature used on Twitter. That being said, it is currently undergoing testing. This feature works to link any old post of a user. This feature is already being used on Twitter.

What is this feature?
Users are not able to share the full details in a single post and for this reason multiple posts are required. In such a case, the thread feature helps to link multiple such posts together. According to reports, when a new post is shown in the news feed, it is shown as linked to another post in the thread.

Examination of public figures
Social media consultant Matt Navarra first discovered this feature after Facebook tested a third type of feature on its platform with a small group of public figures. That being said, the Thread Post view contains the option of Post Thread, which allows your followers to navigate to see all the posts in the thread.

It will also begin soon
In addition, Facebook has announced bulletins for publishing and subscription tools to support creators in the US with the intention of engaging freelance writers. The company said it will focus on content creation, monetization and audience growth in the bulletin.

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