Excellent data plan with 1.5 GB per day

In view of the increasing demand for the Internet, telecom companies are launching great projects one by one. The company is giving you data, unlimited calling and many other benefits. Today we’re telling you about such projects as Jio, Airtel and Vodafone-Idea, in which you get 1.5 GB of data every day. In addition, unlimited calling, SMS and many other benefits are also available. Learn the full details of such projects.

Airtel’s 1.5 GB plan – With the daily 1.5 GB data plan, you can buy Airtel’s plans at Rs 249, Rs 279, Rs 297, Rs 399, 497, 598 and Rs 2398. The plans for Rs 249, 279 and Rs 297 have a validity of 28 days. But the 56-day validity is available in the Rs 399 and Rs 497 plans. At the same time, the 84-day validity is available in the Rs 598 plan and the 369-day plan at Rs 2398. In all these projects you are getting unlimited calling facility.

Jio’s 1.5 GB Plan – You can find many such projects in Jio, including 1.5 GB of data available daily. You get Rs. Different accreditation schemes can take from Rs 399, Rs 555 to Rs 2121. In all these plans, you get 1.5 GB of data every day. You are getting 28 days, 56 days, 84 days and 336 days validity on these plans, respectively. In all of these projects, you are given unlimited calling, 1000 minutes, 2000 minutes, 3000 minutes, 12000 minutes to call on other networks.

Vodafone 1.5GB Plan – You can get Vodafone at Rs 249, Rs 399, Rs 599, and Rs 2399. Under these plans, you get 28 days, 56 days, 84 days and 365 days respectively. You get 1.5GB of data every day on all projects. Additionally, unlimited calling facilities are available on all networks.

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