Even if the phone is stolen, you can delete this type of data, learn this simple trick

Incidents of phone theft and snatching are on the rise. Such incidents continue to be in the news every day. After phone theft, the biggest threat is the data in it. There are family photos on the phone, fearing it will go viral. But after reading this news your fear goes away. In this report, we’ll tell you how to delete the phone’s data even if it is stolen.

Delete this kind of online data
If your phone is stolen, you can delete your smartphone’s data online, even in this case. This means that even if the phone is away from you, you can delete its data. Learn.

Here is the step-by-step process
First, open the Internet browser on a computer or other phone.
Here you have to type https://www.google.com/android/find.
Now you need to login with your Gmail ID, which is on the smartphone.
You will see three options for Play Sound, Safe Device and Delete Device.
To delete the phone’s data from these, you need to click on ERASE DEVICE.
After you click it again you will need to enter the Gmail password.
Now you can delete all your data if you have internet on your phone.

How to delete unwanted apps on smartphone

First, remove the game app and the less used apps from your phone.
Only place those apps on the phone you need. Don’t delete useful apps like Google Play, Google Setup, Android system, it can turn your phone off completely.
Download the Superuser app on the phone.
Now open this app in which you will see the delete option in the top center and click on it.
Here you have to click on the system application.
Now you see all the mobile applications of the system. The apps you want to delete need to click the Delete icon.
Here you see the warning. Removing system applications can lead to system instability and other problems. Now you have to click Yes.
Once this is done, the unwanted apps will never get on your phone.

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