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Electoral candidates need information or want to add a name to the voter list, put these 3 apps on the phone

Election 2022: The Election Bugle has sounded to 5 states including UP (UP Election 2022) and Punjab (Punjab Election 2022). The electoral commission has put a lot of emphasis on digitization this time around in the midst of the corona fears. In this backdrop, the Election Commission has released some ops when announcing election dates. The same was said of his work. In many ways, these apps are very useful to voters. Let us tell you which app is useful for you.

1. Suvidha Candidate Application

This application is important for the general public and candidates. Candidates should be able to submit a nomination. At the same time, ordinary people will be able to apply through this app to register their name on the voter list. Candidates will have the privilege of sharing their affidavit, fees and other information from here. Moreover, political parties do not need to come to any government office to get permission for any program. They can apply for permission from this application.

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2. Know Your Candidate Application

In this application you will have every information about your candidate. You can see it by visiting the website so far. Candidates must provide their detailed information in this application. How much property he has, how many cases have been filed, how many are educated.

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3. C-vigil application

The purpose of this AAP is to prevent election irregularities. With the help of this Op, voters can complain about a violation of the Electoral Code. To make a complaint on the app, users must have access to the smartphone’s camera and GPS.

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