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Actor Dhruva Sarja has broken the silence over the Pogaru controversy and has responded to the allegations by tweeting.

Our entire family is Hanuman devotees. The blessings of Anjaneya are our salvation. Our entire clan is living, celebrating and respecting the practice of Hinduism. We have been living as proponents of Hinduism since their time. Art is religion, we respect all religions. In a tweet, he said, “The story of the film, the role of the community in any role, is really upsetting to our team.”

I apologize for the pain. We cut scenes that are boring to you. I decided to speak to you again after the censor. Now the team of technicians is ready to fix it. Dhruva Sarja Basharat apologized as Jai Hanuman.

The Brahmin community had been protesting the controversial scenes in the film. The board chairperson had demanded the meeting to remove scenes 12 to 14. There are scenes of a Brahmin kicking a janitor with a slipper leg. It was demanded that those scenes be removed. The Pogaru team has agreed to cut the scenes and the director Nandakishore has also apologized.

The Madhwa Mahasabha of All Karnataka and the Brahmin Development Board of Karnataka had demanded that the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce be lodged against the Karnataka cinema with scissors.

There were protests throughout the state against Pogar Cinema. There were protests in Kalaburagi, Mysore. Also, a press conference was held in Dharwad demanding removal of the objectionable footage.

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