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Despite years of daring at UPSC, Meera has reached her goal.

IAS Topper Mira K Yashogathe: The journey of the UPSC is fraught with ups and downs. People fail here many times, then they get frustrated. But instead of getting frustrated and continuing with the lesson, they will surely make their dream of becoming an IAS come true. Today we tell you about the inspiring story of Mira K, who scored All India 6th rank in UPSC Exam 2020. Although she failed many times here, Meera continued to face all the challenges without losing courage. It will also tell you how they completed this journey.

This is the beginning of the journey

Meera was originally from Kerala. After Intermediate, he entered the College of Engineering and graduated with B.Tech. After this he made up his mind to go to the Civil Service. Meera first understood the UPSC curriculum and then prepared the study material. Despite the hard work, he did not succeed in all three attempts. Each time Meera corrected her past mistakes and did not give up hope. Finally, on the fourth attempt, she was added to the list of toppers.

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Build a strategy like this

Mira believes that you should focus on preparing for the UPSC prelims exam first. Keep an eye on current events. Read the newspaper or newspaper. Furthermore, read NCERT books to strengthen your base. Make short notes for revisions of prelims and mains. You can prepare better if you keep these things in mind.

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Watch Meera’s interview with the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Meera’s advice to other candidates

Meera advises the candidates who are preparing for UPSC to proceed patiently. They believe that if you want to get ready for UPSC, you need to come up with a good strategy. It is said that you cannot reach your destination unless you try every day. According to him, rigorous perseverance, proper technique, and even occasional entertainment are essential.

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