Desi short video app Mouz has created a blog, with over 120 million active users in one year

Moz App: On July 29 last year, the Government of India banned all Chinese applications for security reasons. It also featured the popular short video app TickTalk. After the ban on ticktalk, Indian social media company Share Chat released a short video app called Moz (Moz) on July 1, 2020. People have liked this app so much in the last 1 year. To date the app has more than 120 million (120M) active monthly users. Its popularity is constantly increasing.

Many stars are also associated with the app
Apart from the general public, many celebrities are also using this app. Bollywood stars Sonu Sood, Ananya Pandey, Remo D’Souza and Vijay Deverakonda also showcased their talents by coming to Mauz Aap. The Mouge app uses Augmented Reality to integrate technology and cameras, giving users the opportunity to showcase their talent. & Nbsp;

Copyright of how many songs
You will be surprised to learn that over 1 million 80,000 songs are copyrighted in the Mouz app, so that users can choose any song of their choice. Video. Millions of people showcase their talent by making videos on this platform every day. The number of its users is constantly increasing. & Nbsp;

Desi apps have come out after the Chinese app
Ever since the Government of India banned all Chinese short video apps for security, many desi applications have been launched that will help people. It sounds like a lot. Of these, fun has proven to be the most popular. & Nbsp;

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