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Dating of Tinder is bringing a new feature called ‘Swipe Part’ which will work like this

Tinder Swipe Party Feature: Tinder is developing a new feature that lets you invite your friends online so you can better choose your dates. This new feature has been named Swipe Party and Tinder has confirmed that it is under development and is expected to be released by the company soon.

This feature is unlike Apple’s SharePlay, which allows you to use FaceTime to watch party parties with your friends like Hulu and Disney +. This way, you can invite friends to your swiping session to choose your match.

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The report states that the Swipe Party feature allows you to invite your friends to join a session with 4 verification steps. First it asks for your friend’s phone number, then it checks it with the code, then it asks for their name and finally, it checks their date of birth. However, if you want their help, you need to give them access to your device’s camera and microphone.

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Tinder recently released another feature that allows users to add videos to their dating profiles. Its parent company Match has promised to introduce several new audio and chat features to its dating apps. The report says Tinder’s confirmation on the feature is under development, but the company has not shared any other details. The Explore section was made part of the app in India last year. In addition to the Explore section, a new special social experience for users has been added to the app and options such as Hot Texts or Swipe Night are available here.

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