Congress jds coalition mysuru mayor election deve gowda denies alliance with bjp for mysuru mayor election

It is impossible to say who made a pawn move or who was tied up in a political chess game. What may happen at the last moment is the election of the mayor and deputy mayor of Mysore today.

The JDS-Congress alliance has given the BJP a big shock when it comes to voting in the mayoral and deputy mayoral polls.

JDS’s Rukmini Madhagowda as mayor, Congressman Anwar Beg as deputy mayor From early morning, there was an atmosphere in which the JDS could support the BJP, the mayoral post of the BJP, and the deputy mayor of the JDS. Former CM Kumaraswamy was also present.

They do not ally themselves with anyone. Kumaraswamy has said that the Congress should not be co-opted as it would stand for independence. Kumaraswamy was said to support the BJP with this statement.

The three parties also fielded candidates for mayor and deputy mayor. The Congress, which had tried to the mayor until the last moment, realized that this was not possible and changed its strategy altogether. Although the JDS did not ask for the sole purpose of keeping the BJP out of office, the Congress voted for the party’s mayoral candidate.

Not surprisingly, the Congress did not vote for its candidate. The Congress mayoral candidate also voted for the JDS. In return, JDS members voted for Congress’ deputy mayoral candidate Anwar Beg. The BJP had no idea that the election would be held this way. The mayor and deputy mayor each received 43 votes. Sunanda received only 26 votes against BJP’s mayoral candidate.

one hand, there are rumors that Siddaramaiah has failed to attract JDS members, while on the other hand, the KPCC president has made a big shock to Siddaramaiah by signing a deal with former Prime Minister Deve Gowda.

DK has been with Deve Gowda since last night. Sivakumar is said to be connected. Kumaraswamy, who left his hometown in Mysore, said he was open-minded to support the BJP. But today, Deve Gowda sent a message to Kumaraswamy on Friday. Then the two parties split, and the candidate fielded and eventually won Congress support. This strategy of Deve Gowder has won the JDS in today’s election.

This strategy also earned the mayor a place. The secular title remained. Siddaramaiah also taught a lesson. An analysis of HDD hitting three birds in one stone has been heard from the political circles.

Hodra State with BJP, the party could be hit at the national level. Thus HDD has broken the HDK that BJP has come to support. At the last moment, the HDD had given the Green signal to seek congressional support.

Kumaraswamy, who achieved the title, was satisfied with the stance against Siddaramaiah. But even though they have been rid of each other, Sidhu-HDK has been labeled opportunists. Mysore mayor lost to the mayor due to internal quarrels in the Mysore BJP, but the BJP plans to use the same to the party’s future.

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